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2013 Trans North Asia Overland Trip GPS Track Logs

THAT was one hell of a drive!

THAT was one hell of a drive!

So we completed our trip to Vladivostok back in late September last year and we are still working on the last two blog posts for you (thank you for your patience). In the meantime check out our 42,000km GPS track log.

With the use of our daily tracklogs from our Garmin GPS our GIS man (Jack Pitts) back home has pinned together our route from the moment we landed in France, to putting the 90 in the container.

After 10 months (248 nights) on the road totalling 42,000Km we have crossed 22 countries, 16 International border crossings, survived temperatures from -25 to +35 degrees C and camped for 176 nights.

Check out our Interactive Map here: Progress So Far

There are a few gaps in the tracklogs which we are still working on.


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