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Globeroamer Combo Cover (Radiator Blind) Review

Just the other day I was wondering around the front of the 90 (it doesn’t get driven much) and thought I better check on the things while I was there. I noticed that the PIAA lamp covers have tarnished and are starting to look brittle (must be because the vehicle is parked up pointing south and gets the sun through the day?). Checked the winch rope, connections, brushed some leaves off and a little moss. Then I though ‘ow, what about this canvas cover that I haven’t touched for the last 9 months?’


LRO Land Rover 2013 Calender Competition

So a couple of months back I posted a couple of sneaky entries into the LRO 2013 Calender competition. Unfortunately for me 90% of the pictures I take are of other peoples vehicles of which I usually get some quite dramatic shots fording rivers, ploughing through mud, epic backdrops etc etc. you get the picture (no pun!). The rules stipulated that the photo you submitted had to be of YOUR vehicle and you had to be the registered owner. So with that I found my best 3 shots of my D90 and then compiled a set of my best images for friends (of their Rovers) and emailed them across to them. Turns out they are not as enthusiastic as myself and never submitted the entries but one of mine came through and made it into the top 50.