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Why buy a generic print from Ikea of that red bus in London that your neighbour has, when you can have something unique?

The collection of photos below are those which I have taken on the road and that I find most interesting. There are some oddballs in there that some may find appealing, others may not. I have mixed it up a little and included a bit of everything. I hope you can find something you like and enjoy.

Here are two examples of canvas prints from happy customers

Bavaria in Winter, Germany

Large Canvas – Bavaria in Winter, Germany

Lake Karakol, Tajikistan

Panoramic Canvas – Lake Karakol, Tajikistan

To get yours simply drop an Email to with the following information:

  • Title of photo required

  • Size required & format (Print or Canvas)

  • Delivery address


Regular Prints (Priced in USD)





10×8″ $30 $40 $50
12×10″ $40 $50 $60
18×12″ (16:9) $50 $60 $70
24×16″ (16:9) $65 $75 $85

Classic Canvas Prints (Priced in USD)




30.5 x 20.3cm $110  $130
50.8 x 40.6cm $140  $160
76.2 x 50.8cm $170  $190 
61 x 30.5cm Panoramic $140  $160


We will then send you an invoice via paypal and process your order once payment has been received. Don’t worry, you can pay through paypal with a credit or debit card without having an account. Once we process your order it will be sent direct to your door.

Standard Prints are processed on quality Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper.

Canvas Prints are Printed on polycotton canvas with a 3.8cm wooden frame. These are machine stretched to prevent longterm sagging and come fully assembled ready to hang. Photos will be wrapped around the edges as standard (Please let me know if you want this to be kept white).




Turkey, Istanbul




Central Asia




Russia, Siberia & the Far North East


Hong Kong






We are not in this for the money, we are just trying to add a little to our savings whilst travelling. Our camera gear takes some abuse while out on the road (I have managed to kill a $1000 lens in less than a month!) so buying our images helps to keep us rolling and keeps the photos coming.

If you have seen a photo elsewhere on here or Facebook that you would like and it is not in the gallery please send me an email: and hopefully we can sort it out.


If you didn’t see anything you like (I apologise!) but would still like to contribute to our adventure then you can always buy us a coffee. Not a costly Starbucks skinny-mochafrappachocachino, just something local.

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Terms and Conditions:

Any images are protected by the Copyright and Design Act 1988 and remain the property of Gareth Griffiths, whether stored digitally or otherwise. It is contrary to the Act to copy or allow to be copied photographically/electronically or by any other means an image created as part of this contract unless agreed otherwise (see below for reproduction rights).

In all cases, unless specifically negotiated otherwise, copyright of all images  will remain with Gareth Griffiths. Commissioned images will be supplied with personal reproduction rights.

Personal reproduction rights allow copying of images by “the Customer” for personal purposes only. Personal reproduction rights do not allow the use of images for corporate advertising, marketing or publicity in any way, including their use on websites or other electronic media. Should “the Customer” subsequently wish to use the images for this purpose, written permission must be sought from Gareth Griffiths/Sirocco Overland.

In all cases, images (in whole or part) may not be sold or passed to a third party (even without charge) without the express written permission being granted by Gareth Griffiths. If such a request is made, Gareth Griffiths reserves the right to charge a fee for use of the images by the third party.

Please note that unauthorised copying of a copyright image (in whole or part) is an infringement of law and as such can be subject to criminal sanctions such as a fine or imprisonment or civil sanctions such as claims for damages, accounts, delivery up or injunctions precluding one’s use of the images.

Gareth Griffiths reserves the moral right to be credited as the author of any published photographs.

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