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100,000 Hits



We ticked over 100,000 visits today, from over 150 countries since we have been blogging with WordPress over the last three years. Quite remarkable for such a niche activity. It is also fitting that this month marks our 7th year of International Overland travel with the Defender.

Thanks to those who came for a look, thanks to those who followed our 2013 adventures but the biggest thanks go to you. For still following along to see where we end up next.

See you on the road



Merry Christmas from Sirocco Overland



New Page Launched! In the Media

We thought it was about time we collated all of the interviews, articles and places that we have popped up into one place. So here it is, I introduce to you, the new ‘In The Media’ page.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 17.39.20

You Don’t Know Africa…

No this isn’t some rant or ego boosting ‘I’m better than you’ blog. Its just an interactive game to test your knowledge of the great continent’s countries… so relax.

I got 20 countries in 1:28 and the full 48 in 3:30. Both in the 1st go. See how you get on and leave your times in the comments. Go on, it will be fun!

Go play at: