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Bottom of the Dades Gorge (Morocco) only seeing two people all day

Griff grew up riding and exploring the hills and mountains of South Wales and enjoying the remoteness and freedom it brings. Family vacations throughout Europe would plant the seed for onward adventures and on finishing his degree in Geology he spent 3 months backpacking around SE Asia on a tight budget. Living, eating and travelling with locals it soon became clear that life would not take a ‘normal’ course and seeing the world would play a big part of it.

While working as a Geotechnical Engineer living in Bristol, weekends saw him off packing in as much as humanly possible walking, backpacking, climbing, kayaking, greenlaning/off-roading, camping, mountain biking/bike-packing and everything in between.

After spotting an old Land Rover 90 for sale in 2005 childhood memories of taking the family Izuzu on some impromptu greenlane trips came to the front and the purchase was made. It quickly became apparent this was not the vehicle to take out of the UK and it was sold in 2007 but a lot was learned. However this affirmed that he would soon be travelling in a different way.

A keen photographer, a bad fisherman and an armchair alpanist, Griff has a  passion for travelling to remote and obscure destinations. Meeting new people, seeing different landscapes and experiencing different cultures rest assured that there are plenty of future ‘plans’ going on in his head.

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Weekends cycle touring with friends

Lisa grew up on the south coast of England regularly taking family vacations under canvas in the New Forest and later moving to Cornwall. On finishing her degree in Marine Biology at Plymouth University she embarked on a ‘Round the World’ (RTW) trip visiting 4 continents. Field trips also saw her spending time in Nova Scotia, Canada

Lisa worked as a Benthic Taxonomist in Bath and joined Griff in his weekend adventures around the UK. She enjoys the walking and kayaking more than the cycling and is no stranger to an impromptu  bivouac far from home. On international ventures Lisa enjoys conversing with local people, visiting markets and soaking up the atmosphere. On each adventure she is the primary linguist and has gotten us both out of some tight corners.

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3 cups of chai

3 cups of chai in Afghanistan


Tundra & Bandit – Our lead out dogs across the Finnish Arctic


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  1. Great article on Expedition Portal this week! Congrats on the feature. I look forward to spending some time on your blog and reading about all of your adventures.

    30/06/2014 at 02:26

    • Thanks guys 🙂

      25/07/2015 at 01:17

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