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Globeroamer Combo Cover (Radiator Blind) Review

Just the other day I was wondering around the front of the 90 (it doesn’t get driven much) and thought I better check on the things while I was there. I noticed that the PIAA lamp covers have tarnished and are starting to look brittle (must be because the vehicle is parked up pointing south and gets the sun through the day?). Checked the winch rope, connections, brushed some leaves off and a little moss. Then I though ‘ow, what about this canvas cover that I haven’t touched for the last 9 months?’

12 months on from receiving and fitting, this simple piece of kit has sat on the front of the 90 not getting much use or attention as a radiator blind but it isn’t called the ‘Combo Cover’ for nothing. The integral seed net has worked wonders for keeping debris (not just seeds) out of the radiator on a number of greenlane trips through flooded routes and across swollen rivers. Fitting is easy as it is just a matter of removing the grill. Its a snug fit and secured back in place with the original bolts. I fitted it just before last winter so I did get a chance to test it out at a radiator blind in the Peak District during February this year. Daytime temperatures were hovering around zero degrees for the duration of the trip and the Defender heater was working flat out for most of the day whilst we crawled along in low 2nd. Usually the superior cooling system of the 300tdi would close the thermostat and you could see the engine temperature start to drop meaning that the heater would need to be turned off to allow the engine to warm up again. With the cover closed up the engine retained its temperature and allowed the continued use of the heater which kept us and the 300tdi comfortable and for the rest of our trip.

Fast forward to now and I unrolled the blind to check its function and the zips were both fine. I brushed off the leaves and spiders and zipped it up. Remarkably it hasn’t even faded in colour and looks just the part in its ‘olive green’. Rolling it back up and securing it with the 1 webbing strap I was quite pleased that you could fit and forget.

It should receive some good use early next year where we will probably be spending a good month or two within the Arctic circle of Scandinavia, down to Russia and eastern Europe.

You can buy direct from Alex at who is very helpful and accommodating.


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  1. Dan

    I’ve looking for a seed and insect screen for our trips for a while. Most radiator covers i have seen available in the UK, did not seem to have the seed screen. Good find. I might just get one for the next trip.

    28/09/2012 at 18:45

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