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Land Rover Defender LED Upgrades

Electrical efficiency has been on my mind of late, especially with the continuing build of the overland trailer. On the trailer I have installed a series of 50cm LED strips in each compartment activated by door ‘courtesy’ switches’.

LED lights have a lot going for them and they particularly suit an overland vehicle set-up. The main draw (no pun) is the lack of power consumption over prolonged use and they also emit light at a higher colour temperature range giving a cleaner brighter look. LEDs are also waterproof, shockproof (solid state), stay cool in operation, require less wiring (thinner cables) contain no mercury and last much longer than conventional bulbs. Also due to the higher colour temperature LED light does not attract insects like incandescent bulbs. Handy when forging a path through the jungles of South America at night. or greenlaning at night through the Welsh wilderness.  Its like an insect orgy when you open the door, they all come flooding in!