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Photo of the Week: Siberian seasons – September 2013

151W Gulag Landscape, SIberia - Russia

Autumnal Landscape, Siberia – Russia

On our way from Yakutsk to Magadan, we crossed several degrees of latitude. This meant we left summer and crossed into autumn/winter rapidly within a week. One day we would be among Birch trees in their full green and silver dress, the next we would be in awe of the many shades of red and gold shining out from amongst the endless pines. We would move north east, leaving behind the forests and reaching vast tundra regions. Often we’d be accompanied by flurries of snow to complete the stereotypical Siberian landscape.

On our return, we watched this change in reverse, regressing from winter back to summer in a matter of days. The Birch tree is a Siberian native and Russia’s National Tree. With it’s beauty and abundance, it was easy to see why. We were in our element – this was the Siberia we’d been dreaming about.

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