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Bristol Photo Marathon 2012

Well the Second Look Photo Marathon 2012 here in Bristol has passed.  The format for those who do not know is you have/had from 1000 to 1700 to take a series of 20 photographs all of which had an outline theme (fire, earth, green fingers etc) and had to be taken in the order given. You returned the disposable camera and the organisers processed the films and put them all up for display at the Southbank Centre in Bedminster.


Zassenhaus Mokka Manual Coffee Grinder

Work for your coffee…

I recently picked up a vintage (1950 – 1960) Zassenhaus ‘Mokka’ coffee grinder on for a snip of the usual going rate. I could see it was a bit battered from the photo, the metal was heavily tarnished and the hardwood was well worn for years of use but it was still in one piece, how bad could it be?


MYOG Camera Tripod Leg Wrap

(Make Your Own Gear) Tripod leg wraps, custom and simple. Cheaper than the £35 neoprene ones in the shop.

I didn’t take any ‘step by step’ photos but its very straightforward if you know what your working with.

I recently decided to ditch the tripod bag and use a much more comfortable strap. The leg wraps make it much nicer to handle. Im using a Hanhel Triad 30 which is small and light (and cheap!) so it didn’t take much foam or wrap, I think the upper leg sections are only 30cm in length. Anyway, onto the detail…


Welsh Ride Thing Preparations

With the Welsh Ride Thing (WRT) around the corner I have had to think seriously about the amount of riding I’m doing and what will be achievable over the nearly 3 full days. I have mapped around 12 of the way-points and initially covering a distance of approximately 110km with nearly 3000m of climbing. I have added an extra 15km loop on the last day which incorporates an additional way-point should I be feeling up to it, Its on forest track and passes a nice lake. If I can get there Sunday night I will be over the moon!


Pentax ME Super test roll returned…

So I picked up the test roll today from Protographique in town, very pleased with the results. I initially loaded a roll or Kodak Ultra 400 but I left the motorwinder on in my backpack and, well, it ripped through almost 20 frames so I decided to not get it processed.