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Pentax ME Super test roll returned…

So I picked up the test roll today from Protographique in town, very pleased with the results. I initially loaded a roll or Kodak Ultra 400 but I left the motorwinder on in my backpack and, well, it ripped through almost 20 frames so I decided to not get it processed.

I picked up a roll of Ilford’s XP2 (400 iso) in the local photography store and put most of the roll through around Bristol during the ‘Photo Marathon’. Other photos were taken around Macclesfield (in the dark and rain).  I had the prints scanned to CD (low res) but the prints are fantastic. Im very happy with the quality from both the 28mm and 50mm SMC Pentax lenses now in use. Everything also seems to be clean and distortion free.

So here are a few examples…

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