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Pembrokeshire Sunset – Broadhaven

A recent trip to the far west coast of Wales gave way to a beautiful sunset and one of my most enjoyable shoots in recent years. Using my D70s DSLR I pushed well into the darkness and was still getting good results with exposures ranging from 6 to 20 seconds. Probably what I consider 3 of the best shown below.




 This was also the 1st time I got to use my Hanhel 30 Lite Tripod as a replacement for my Manfrotto Digipod. With a much more adjustable head it made for quicker composition and fine adjustment to compensate for the legs sinking in the sand and the wind buffering the lens. It comes in a little heavier than the Mnafrotto (~200g) and the legs do not seem as sturdy but it makes up for this by shear scale of adjustment. Providing conditions are not too challenging I think this is a fine piece of kit for the price.

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