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Photo of the Week: – West Africa 2011

240 Litres please!

240 Litres please!

A quick snap from the archives. Filling up with fuel isn’t too much trouble in the western world or even where there is electricity but out here in Burkina Faso there was none of that so the pumps were done by hand! As with all things in Africa you never know what is around the next corner so it is best to fill everything you have. Having all ready nearly run out of petrol less than a week in to the trip we asked them to fill everything. 140 litres later with a puddle of sweat on the red dirt, they didn’t know wether to laugh or cry when we started to take the four jerry cans off the roof. I offered to help but after 2 cans I was knackered!

We handed over a fistful of Francs, shook hands and were back on the road.

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