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Extending your Indonesian Visa in Bali, Kuta

If you picked up your visa on arrival you are only eligible for 30 days entry. You can extend this whilst in Indonesia but I would strongly recommend obtaining the 60 day visa in your home country before leaving, or if you have the money (and not the time) fly out of Indonesia and re-enter for another visa.  At the time of writing you could only extend to a maximum of 60 days on a regular tourist visa.

The Immigration office is a few kilometers north of the airport on the bypass. Google Maps link here (it is next to the substation by the fuel station):

Taxi drivers may not know where it is even if they say they do! as a last ditch attempt ask for “Immigratzi” but make sure they know its Kuta near the airport otherwise you may end up in Denpasar

1st visit – Collect the required forms from the front desk. Fill them in correctly then check they are complete with the information desk. Only then take a ticket from the machine marked foreigners near front door. You need the application button obviously. Wait for ticket to be called then they check application then issue receipt. Check the date on it for collection. It should be 5 days or less. Question it if more.

2nd visit – Return with receipt on collection date. Take ticket from machine on entry. make sure its option B Cashier / payment. When your ticket is called make the required payment (250,000rp) and you will get another receipt. Take this to desk 3 where another slip will be given to you for your return date to finally collect your passport/visa.

3rd visit – drop the slip back to desk 3 direct then wait for them to issue you your passport.

Requirements: Copy of passport. Original Visa. Flight ticket/confirmation. Local currency only. 250,000Rp at time of writing.

Copies can be made onsite or next door and there is an ATM at the fuel station 100m to the south.

Open in the morning from 0730 until 1200. Collection 1400 to 1500. Check local holidays in advance as this can add up to a lot of extra time. We lost 6 days in total for arriving in mid October during a Hindu festival. The visa process on the whole is straightforward but the requirement to make 3 visits is long winded and in the long-term not worth the effort. Especially if you have the option of obtaining the 60 day visa at home. It is however cheap, so those are your choices.

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