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365 Days Later…

26th January 2013 we said goodbye to everybody and everything we knew and drove out of my parents driveway in Swansea chasing the sunrise east until we couldn’t possibly drive any further on the Eurasia continent. I will never forget that day. With a lump in my throat I drove for the last time through streets of childhood memories and down familiar roads. Its difficult to describe what we were feeling at that point in time. It was certainly a small mix of sadness and apprehension, along with questioning doubt. We didn’t know what lay ahead for us, what the road would throw at us or what would happen next. We were very sad to be leaving loved ones behind but we knew that overall we were doing the right thing. It felt right. To make a change and better ourselves. (more…)


Photo of The Week: Hidden Valley, Scotland


We had never spent much time in Scotland before we left the UK. We had planned a short tour with the Land Rover in 2008 but ended up in Morocco instead. Later in 2011 we planned a cycling tour through the Outer Hebrides but again, I ended up in Africa instead.

When our good friends Si and Ed mentioned joining them and Si’s brother in Glen Coe for a weekend, we jumped at the chance. It was a few months before our departure but splitting fuel costs helped a lot! We all jammed into the car for 4 days climbing, camping and hiking in the rain.

This photo is taken using a well placed rock and timer on our Leica at the start of the hidden valley. Another great day out with good friends.

You Don’t Know Africa…

No this isn’t some rant or ego boosting ‘I’m better than you’ blog. Its just an interactive game to test your knowledge of the great continent’s countries… so relax.

I got 20 countries in 1:28 and the full 48 in 3:30. Both in the 1st go. See how you get on and leave your times in the comments. Go on, it will be fun!

Go play at:


Photo of The Week: Lake District Recovery, England


Losing traction on a short rock ledge, the vehicle was close to a rock outcrop. Several attempts with waffle boards were made to gain traction but ultimately didn’t work. Deploying the ground anchor gave the 30cm of pull required to gain traction with the front wheels and free the vehicle… James was very pleased. First time used and now always carried. Great piece of recovery kit if a little heavy.

Mongolia – Part I: The Wild West

How we scraped through the border to make the national Naadam festival, stumbled upon Kazakh eagle hunters, found hidden petroglyphs and met the ‘Frenchies’

Kyrgyzstan had been eclipsed by Tajikistan, in terms of hospitality and friendliness. But now we were entering Mongolia, a land famous the world over for it’s unmatched hospitality and warmth. I couldn’t keep the smile from my face as we crossed through the border, the excitement hard to contain.

2013 07 09_0804



Photo of The Week: Pembrokeshire Sunset


In 2011 we set off from Milford Haven in west Wales with two 50 litre packs containing everything we needed to sustain 10 days on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

This photo is one of many clifftop sunsets we saw as the sun dropped into the Atlantic ocean.


Photo of The Week: Happy New Year! Stanage Edge, Peak District UK


Descending the icy rock garden of Stanage Edge on a winter afternoon in the Peak District, England.

Happy New Year from Sirocco Overland!

I hope this week’s ‘Photo of the Week’ finds you all healthy and well, it just so happens that this Wednesday falls on New Year’s Day.  So what adventurous plans do you all have for 2014? We are working hard to save money and fix up the truck/trailer for a 5 month half loop of Western Australia and the Northern Territories later this year. Let us know what you’re up to and what you’re planning, leave your comments below.