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Wilderness Medical Training with Lifesigns ECP – A Review

As things start to ramp up for next year’s long haul trip we decided some time ago to improve on our work based first aid training by supplementing it with a more in-depth course. This would hopefully allow us to diagnose, treat and stabilise a patient until definitive care was established either by mobilising a CASEVAC (Casualty evacuation) or driving to a clinic or hospital if circumstances allow. If you Google ‘Wilderness First Aid’ there is a plethora of companies, individuals, corporations all vying for your hard earned $$$. I made a number of phone calls and sent a number of emails outlining what we were doing and what we wanted to achieve. Some got back, some didn’t, some needed ‘groups’, some were too far away, some were ‘wishy washy’ with details and others were just to darn expensive!