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The Overlanding Podcast #14


A few months ago we were lucky enough to be invited to attend a podcast recording with Andrew from The Overlanding Podcast. It was great to sit around his virtual campfire and chat about all of our overland travels from Morocco through to our big trip getting to Australia. I had to dig deep into the memory to recall some of the details but it was great to discuss all things overlanding. If you have a spare hour, pop the kettle on, plug in the headphones and give it a listen. Apologies for the sniffles, I was quite ill the day of recording.

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Quote of the Month

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Sirocco Overland – On Instagram

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Probably something we should have done a long time ago. Here at Sirocco Overland we do like to keep things simple, but there is no denying that Instagram is a well proven place to post images on the move. I am currently working through a back catalogue of images from previous trips so if you are new to Sirocco Overland (Welcome!) there will be some new stuff in here for you. Please follow along if you are registered on Instagram, we appreciate your support.

We will still post images to our Facebook Page as we feel that this is a good way to share and organise our files with fellow adventurers.

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