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Uzbekistan – The Silk Road Cities and near-death in Bukhara

How we found the Aral Sea, ate Camel meat and got ourselves in a spot of trouble.

The Fishing Fleet - Aral Sea

The Fishing Fleet – Aral Sea

I will just start this post by apologising if it unfairly puts Uzbekistan in a bad light. It was probably not Uzbekistan’s fault that we had such a rough time of it, but we have blamed the country purely on circumstantial evidence – we were fine before and have been since! This doesn’t encompass the Uzbeks themselves, as they were warm and friendly. And there’s more than likely a massive part we ourselves played in making things difficult for ourselves, as will become clear.

It started with a seven-hour border crossing, which in the burning midday sun was not one of the finer moments we’ve had on the trip, it must be said.  (more…)