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Sirocco Overland – On Instagram

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Probably something we should have done a long time ago. Here at Sirocco Overland we do like to keep things simple, but there is no denying that Instagram is a well proven place to post images on the move. I am currently working through a back catalogue of images from previous trips so if you are new to Sirocco Overland (Welcome!) there will be some new stuff in here for you. Please follow along if you are registered on Instagram, we appreciate your support.

We will still post images to our Facebook Page as we feel that this is a good way to share and organise our files with fellow adventurers.

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Tiktaalik Field Knife Set – Kickstarter Campaign

Tiktaalik Field Knife Set FB


All overlanders have their own way of doing things. From vehicle choice to camp chairs, through to stove fuel type and sleeping arrangements. Everyone does things differently, yet nobody can deny that a well thought out, well made product, tailored to the outdoor community deserves recognition.



Quote of the Month

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100,000 Hits



We ticked over 100,000 visits today, from over 150 countries since we have been blogging with WordPress over the last three years. Quite remarkable for such a niche activity. It is also fitting that this month marks our 7th year of International Overland travel with the Defender.

Thanks to those who came for a look, thanks to those who followed our 2013 adventures but the biggest thanks go to you. For still following along to see where we end up next.

See you on the road



The 2013 Acknowledgement Post

It’s long overdue. Some people would have forgotten, but we haven’t. Many, many people contributed to our trip in a plethora of ways before, during and after. It’s taken a lot of drafts and few months to get it right, but hopefully this published version is it… Complete, in its entirety.

The seed for this post was planted three nights after leaving the UK. Already we had experienced overwhelming hospitality from Kurt and Mel in Bremen, and it was while staying in Copenhagen with Sara, Kim, Peter and Mela that we realised that the heart of our journey would be the people we met along the way.

 So here you go, the list, in order of appearance and a huge thanks from both of us.


June 2015 Calendar