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Photo of the Week: Bishkek watercolours, June 2013

Bishkek Landy watercolour


On our journey last year we spent a good deal of time in the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek. While staying at the extremely friendly and comfortable Nomads Home, we met a group of French street artists called the TSF Crew who were participating in the International Street Art Festival in town. We went to watch them work their magic covering designated walls along with others from around the world – it was pretty amazing. At the request of the owner of NH, they painted a mural on one wall of the driveway to brighten it up a little. Then one of the group, Francois, asked to “sketch” our car parked up in the car port too. The resulting watercolour took him unbelievably little time, yet the detail was stunning. A truly talented group, and a nice bunch at that.

To see our friend Adam’s time lapse of them painting their mural, click here – look for Griff’s sneaky cameo!




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