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Overlanders Review: Sea to Summit packable daypack


Not strictly overlanders gear, you probably think this is more suited to general travel and you would probably be right. But having said that, many people come to the overlanding world from a vehicular perspective and may have little or no travel experience before they embark on ‘the BIG one’.

The Sea to Summit daypack is packable, weighs a scant 70 grams and can hold near enough 20 litres of gear. When would you use it? Kept in Lisa’s handbag or clipped to the rear window guard it was always to hand. Gone shopping? Into the bazaar? Quick trip to the beach? Need to grab some stuff and go? Hiring bikes for the day and need a luggage solution? Kayaking? The bag was always there as a get out for when you bought too much food at the market or you need to drop off your laundry on your way into town.


So you may have thought of everything for your trip but have you thought about life away from the vehicle? This bag will certainly free you from carrier bags and the shoulder straps are comfy but try to refrain from carrying heavier loads. They are reasonably durable. We have had ours for about 5 or 6 years now and its seen normal amounts of use. When not out adventuring it sits in either Lisa’s cycle panniers or in my frame bag for the daily commute, always ready to be called up into service.

Official site:

Highly recommended by Sirocco Overland.

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