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Sirocco Overland’s Online Photo Shop opens it’s doors.

Ushguli, High Caucasus

Ushguli, High Caucasus

After nearly 20 hours tied to the worlds worst internet connections spanning three cities here in Uzbekistan, I finally added a new page today. ‘Online Photo Shop | Buy us a Coffee’ which you can find in the main menu of the site.

I’m pretty pleased with myself. I don’t know if I will actually sell any of my photos but at least the option is out there for those who would like it. I have a huge collection of photos from nearly ten years of travelling and my skills are improving all the time so it seemed a waste to just store negatives and hard drives with no output. The other problem with frequent travelling is that we do not have a fixed address, a house, somewhere for dinner parties. At least not for very long. So my photos just get stored or more often than not, shared on facebook. Which seems a waste when your carrying nearly $3000 worth of camera kit around the world.

So hopefully you can find something you like for your kitchen, bathroom, livingroom etc. in the knowledge that your funds help us to keep exploring, searching and driving to the forgotten corners of the world and bringing back some great photos.

If you don’t have a need for photos then you can always Buy us a Coffee as an alternative. Coffee usually keeps us going!

Thank you…

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