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Leaving the UK (in Retrospect)

So we left the UK on the 27th January, saying our goodbyes on the 25th and 26th before driving to Dover for the ferry. It was a rush, no two ways about it. Packing up took a lot longer than anticipated. We planned to leave by 1200 but finally got going closer to 1500. Nothing really went to plan weeks before leaving. there was no ‘test packing’, there was little time to test anything new that we had fitted, bought, packed. Spares and tools were put together from a huge amalgamation of things last minute (I think I have everything). With all the winter gear for Norway in the back, the 90 was stacked high and the trailer was… about right.

Heading to Dover we were met by a convoy of good friends in their Land Rovers (a surprise to me, organised by Lisa) at junction 18. We pulled over at the next services to say goodbye to Woodhead, Wickers & Gem, JB & Jo. Onwards we went to Junction 12 where we pulled off to meet some friends from Uni (The Parker Trio) and leaving there we realised we were now on our own. We got to a pub near Dover where we spent the night before leaving for the ferry the following morning.

Leaving my parents place on Saturday the 26th wasn’t as hard as I had envisaged for the last 6 months, but I think this was purely down to the rush of leaving. even now (06.02.13) we don’t feel like we have left the UK for good. Everyone here in Norway speaks excellent English for a start! I guess its still because we are not too far away and we can always come back! Who knows when it will stop feeling surreal and become a reality. Judging by previous overland trip experience, a long time. Maybe 9 months down the line it will sink in, all I know is that we are taking it day by day and enjoying every minute of our new found freedom.

2 responses

  1. Howzit Griff n Lisa… Amazing pictures so far, and an amazing adventure with every turn of those lustful KM2’s! Keep safe and warm, and I for one will wait with the anticipation of a child at Christmas for more updates and pictures! Laters World travelers! A x

    07/02/2013 at 10:37

  2. All the very best of luck to you both on your adventure. We’re feeling very jealous already! Andrew, Anne, Jessica & AJ ( XXXX.

    06/02/2013 at 18:45

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